Centre for University Core

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The Centre for University Core (CUC) is committed to promote the University’s focus on applied social sciences to inspire lifelong learning and transform society through its SUSS Core courses and scholarship.

SUSS Core Courses

The SUSS Core courses provides a common experience in the humanities and applied social sciences to all SUSS undergraduate students to achieve the broader goals of cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies, and emphasizes the importance and role of human skills in a technologised world. It offers a dedicated cluster of courses focused on emerging and complex local and global issues, that teaches students to think critically, reflexively, empathetically, and creatively to provide well-reasoned personal responses. Students also learn to develop competencies in communication and problem-solving, and key skills of managing diversity and collaboration in order to make general connections with everyday contexts locally and globally.

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Faculty and Research

CUC is made up of academics from the humanities and social sciences, each with their area of research interests. Collectively, they contribute to the cross-disciplinary perspectives of the SUSS Core courses, and are committed to the teaching and research in the areas of ethics, heritage and urbanisation, technology and sustainability.

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Resources and Events

CUC actively publishes essays, develop materials, curate useful resources, and hosts events.

Contact Us

You can contact us at cuc_admin@suss.edu.sg if you have any queries.


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